Daniel Wong

UX designer & anti-corruption activist, Boston

Hello, sports racer! I'm a user experience designer for mission-driven organizations. I practice lean user-centered design methods with agile-development teams and risk-hungry business strategists. During nights and weekends, I enjoy scribbling on Post-It notes, processing digital signals, and getting lost in New Hampshire.

Current hustles


Healthcare services company

User experience designer for our electronic healthcare record web application.

Represent Boston

Non-partisan movement to pass anti-corruption laws across America

Volunteer organizer and digital lead.

How we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our lives.

Past side hustles

Vertical Ice Climbing Enthusiasts

Outdoor event management company website

Managed initial system administration and designed information architecture.

Citizens Rising Anti-Corruption Weekend

Symposium & hackathon to reduce the influence of money in politics

Led website design and coordinated development, co-facilitated both events, and introduced Martin Gilens, Professor of Politics at Princeton University.

Team Amplitude

2013 MIT Hacking Medicine third place winner, perfusion measuring iOS app

Assisted product management, created Balsamiq prototype and final presentation.

Favors for Favors

Fundraising website for my 2013 American Lung Association bike ride

Designed and developed. Served over 11 favors. Only two favors pending...

Split My Bill

Ruby on Rails bill sharing & calculation application

Designed and developed. Abandonware... or is it? ... it is.

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I am only what I remember.


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